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Max’s Note: The article you are about to read, is based on my own personal experience, it does NOT promote any illegal use of anabolic steroids (Performance Enhancing Drugs).

What is Primobolan (aka methenolone enanthate)?

Primobolan is a unique androgen and anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders to help them increase lean muscle mass and avoid muscle wastage.

It is mainly administered through injection but it is also available in oral form. The anabolic effect of Primobolan is 12% weaker than that of Testosterone and thus does not directly impact muscle quite as much.

Methenolone enanthate (Primobolan Depot)

Methenolone Enanthate (brand name is ”Primobolan Depot”) is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication used a as cutting agent. It is usually administered through injection to the muscles.

Methenolone acetate (Oral Primobolan)

The Methenolone Acetate is an androgen and anabolic steroid medication that’s used in the treatment of anemia. This primarily results from bone marrow formation failure. The only difference with this one is that it’s administered orally.

Main benefits of Primobolan:

-Primobolan enhances the immune system.

Primobolan contains components that help to boost your immune system, thus making you stronger and healthier. This especially comes in handy during cutting cycles, which just so happens to be what most people use Primo for anyway. Why? Because cutting cycles can be a little rough on your immune system, due to the fact that you’re eating less. So Primo basically counteracts this slightly, which is beneficial.

-Gain a lean and hard physique.

Primobolan can help you hold on to that lean muscle mass that you’ve gained while on cycle, long after the cycle is over. Even if you are burning fat, Primo will make your muscles stronger, leaner, and will lead to enhanced muscle mass density.

-It promotes protein synthesis.

Primobolan will help you better utilize the protein you’ve gained from your diet, making it more useful for muscle building.

Primo promotes nitrogen retention.

The main reason why many bodybuilders use this steroid is because it helps to retain muscle tissues during the cutting cycles, thanks to its incredible nitrogen-retention ability.

The areas where Primobolan is not as ideal are:


Primobolan is a fairly weak steroid with low anabolic and androgenic ratings. As a result, it’s not ideal for people who want to gain more strength.

-Bulking and mass gains

Primobolan is not recommended for people who want to bulk up and gain muscle mass, due again to its low anabolic and androgenic ratings.

Primobolan dosage:

Injectable Primobolan dosage Dosage for beginners:

The ideal Injectable Primobolan dosage for beginners is 400mg per week. The dosage is best taken for a 12 week period.

Intermediate dosage:

An injectable Primobolan dosage for intermediate users is often 700mg. a week, for a period of 12-16 weeks.

Advanced dosage:

Injectable Primobolan dosage for more advanced usage is about 1000mg. a week, for 12-16 weeks.

Proper administration & timing:

Proper administration and timing of your Primobolan dosages are crucial if you want the most best results. Primobolan dosages should be administered twice a week. This means that you need to split your dosage half each week (ex. Mon & Thurs).

The dosages can be administered anytime but are often injected in the evening before you go to sleep.

Female dosage:

The recommended female dosage is between 50mg. and 100mg. Advanced users can inject a dose of up to 200mg. but this increases the risk of virilization.

Oral Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) dosage:

Oral Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) dosages are ideal for those who are not comfortable with injections.

Beginner dosage:

The recommended dosage of Oral Primobolan dosage for beginners is 50mg. per day.

Intermediate dosage:

The recommended dosage for intermediate users is 150mg. per day.

Advanced dosage:

The recommended dosage for advanced users is 200mg. per day.

Proper administration & timing:

The oral Primobolan dosages should be taken daily, in the evening before you go to sleep.

Female dosage

The recommended Oral Primobolan dosage for females is between 50mg. and 75mg. per day.

buy Primobolan: typical cycles

(You typically have to buy multiple bottles of Primobolan to have a decent-lengthed cycle)

Beginner Primobolan cycle:

Beginners undertaking an injectable Primobolan cycle should take 400mg. per week of Primobolan, and up to 500mg. of Testosterone Enanthate per week for a 12 week cycle.

Intermediate Primobolan cycle:

A Primobolan cycle for intermediate users is 100mg. of oral Primobolan, up to 400mg. of injectable Winstrol, and 100mg. of Testosterone Enanthate per week for 12-16 week cycle.

Advanced Primobolan cycle:

Advanced Primobolan cycles are comprised of dosages of 1000mg. per week, 500mg. per week of Trenbolone, and 100mg. of Testosterone Enanthate per week for a 12-16 week cycle.

Stacking Primobolan:

Primobolan usually stacks VERY well with other steroids. However, stacking is not recommended for females users, as the Primo by itself is just mild enough for them to avoid virilization effects.

How one chooses to stack compounds will depend on the end goal of the individual.

What results should I expect from Primobolan?

The results to expect after using Primobolan include: having lean muscles and a MUCH better defined physique. This is because Primobolan encourages the body to burn fat for energy, allowing you to attain a hard, dry, and chiseled physique.

Side effects from Primobolan cycle:

The risk of side effects are very low if you use Primobolan as recommended. Potential side effects that the user is likely to experience from Primobolan cycles include:

  • Mild liver toxicity
  • Suppression of testosterone
  • Higher blood sugar
  • Reduction in level of good cholesterol (HDL)

Common Primobolan FAQ:

Is Primobolan a Testosterone?

No, its not. Just like Winstrol, Primo is derived from the dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is an androgen hormone that occur naturally in the male body.

Is Primobolan Legal?

No, Primobolan is not legal to buy or use without a prescription from a physician. Unfortunately, its also one of the more expensive PED’s that you’ll find on the black market.

What are the side effects of Primobolan?

  • Hair loss (IF pre-disposed)
  • Acne
  • Negative changes to cholesterol levels

Can beginners use Primobolan?

Yes, beginners can start with Primobolan because its MUCH more mild compared to other steroids. In other words, its side effects are less severe and are much easier to control. Only downsides are that its more expensive and requires an extra injection each week (2 injections instead of 1).

On the bright side, those who take Primo for their 1st or 2nd cycle however, will find that almost all other steroids will seem inexpensive compared to Primobolan.

What is the best Primobolan stack for strength & lean muscle mass?

The most recommend Primobolan stack is a Primo-AnavarDeca-Test E cycle.

Is Primobolan a tablet or injection?

Primobolan can be used both in the form of a tablet, and/or an injection. The injection form is much more common.

Where can I buy Primobolan?

It is quite difficult to locate a reputable place to purchase genuine Primobolan. I recommend that you research online and ask for referrals to locate the right place to buy this steroid.


If you want to avoid losing muscles while cutting, then Primobolan is one of the absolute BEST steroids you can use. It will give you the result that you are looking for, without subjecting you to the nasty side effects of some other compounds.

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-Mad Max

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