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Bodybuilders looking for performance-enhancing drugs may have heard of ”DBOL”, also known as Dianabol or scientifically as Methandrostenolone (Metandienone).

Its widely regarded as one OF the best, if not THE best way to build strength and mass FAST.

The rest of the article provides concise but detailed information about Dianabol.

Max’s Note: I’m not advising that anyone use steroids. I would either pick between staying natural OR using steroids. There’s not really an in-between. Just realize it’s very hard to say no to them once you’ve experienced their benefits first hand.

What is Dianabol?

Dianabol is a medication that was developed initially to provide performance-enhancing benefits to American athletes. These days you can only acquire from countries outside the United States, as its production there was stopped back in the 1980’s.

Though its derived from Testosterone, DBOL’s androgenic nature compared to testosterone is reduced. This is from the mild alteration in the chemical makeup of the hormone. It still maintains an intense anabolic effect.

Dianabol is one of the most well-known anabolic steroids out there, and has been clinically studied now for decades.

Primary benefits of Dianabol:

Using Metandienone comes with several benefits for weightlifters:

  • Increasing nitrogen levels in the body.
  • Has the effect of increasing nitrogen levels.

It does this by improving the body’s ability to retain nitrogen. Higher levels of nitrogen encourage the growth of muscle tissues.

  • Boosting protein synthesis.

Athletes who take Dianabol also benefit from improved protein synthesis. Protein synthesis is the process through which cells build proteins.

Improved protein synthesis stimulates new muscle growth and enhances your body’s recovery abilities.

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    • Increases energy & strength.
    • Aids in fast recovery & higher endurance.
    • Enhances workout performance & fast muscle growth.


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​​​​​​​Dianabol Cycle Benefits (Dianabol Effects)

Muscle-builders who take Dianabol during their steroid cycles stand to benefit from:

  • No injections!
  • Faster muscle growth
  • Increased fat loss
  • Improved strength and stamina
  • Faster recovery times
  • Reduced fatigue levels while working out
  • Improved bone density and strength
  • Fewer androgenic effects than other steroids
  • Improved sexual health i.e. libido and strength of erections

How to Take Dianabol?

Dianabol belongs to the C-17 category of steroids meaning that it has oral bioavailability (i.e. is an oral drug). Therefore it should be run for for a shorter cycle (as with all orals) of about 4-6 weeks. Any longer than this and it will be very taxing on your liver (again: its an oral).

It is possible to take Dianabol alone or in combination with other steroids. One of the most well known aspects of Dbol is that it stacks extremely well with other forms of gear.

Dianabol Dosage:

Most people recommend a dosage between 10mg. and 30mg. per day for beginners for maximum results. Many bodybuilders have reported good results with only 15mgs. Nonetheless, some have reported to increase this up to between 15-30mgs. after the first 2-3 weeks (the first half of the cycle).

More advanced male users can increase their daily dosage to up to 50mg. Some elite lifters also even take daily dosages higher than 50mg., though this comes with the higher risk of experiencing side effects.

It is important to split the daily dosage of Dianabol into smaller portions throughout the day. For example, one may take 15mg. of Dianabol in three times throughout the day (5mg./5mg./5mg.). Why? Because it has a very short half life compared to other steroids, of only 3-5 hours. In other words it enters and leaves your body very quickly.

Dianabol Cycle Length

Dianabol cycles are typically between 4-6 weeks long. Taking Dianabol beyond 6 weeks is not advisable as it comes with a higher risk of liver toxicity.

Typical Dianabol Cycles:

Dianabol is ideal for building muscle mass at the start of a steroid cycle or in the middle of an ongoing cycle as a plateau breaker. There are four main types of Dianabol cycles:

Dianabol-only cycle

Most bodybuilders do not recommend Dianabol-only cycles, due to its suppression of testosterone.

Beginner Dianabol Cycle

Lifters on this cycle would typically use Dianabol in combination with a testosterone compound.

The dosages for this cycle would be as follows:

  • 500mg. a week of Testosterone Enanthate (Week’s 1-12)
  • 0.5mg./eod of Arimidex (Week’s 1-12)
  • 25mg. of Dianabol per day (Week’s 1 to 6)

Intermediate Dianabol Cycle

Since these cycles last up to 16 weeks, Dianabol is ideal for the first 6 weeks.

Advisable dosages are as follows:

  • 50mg//day of Dianabol (Week’s 1-6)
  • 400mg./week of Dec-Durabolin (Week’s 1-14)
  • 750mg./week of Sustanon 250 (Week’s 1-16).
  • 0.5mg of Arimidex (Week’s 1-16)

Advanced Dianabol Cycle

For advanced weightlifter cycles, advisable dosages are as follows:

  • 50mg./day of Dianabol (Week 1-6)
  • 600mg/week of Deca-Durabolin (Week’s 1-10)
  • 1000mg./week of Testosterone Enanthate (Week’s 1-12)
  • 0.5mg. every other day of Arimidex (Week’s 1-16)
  • 4iu every day of HGH (Week 1-16)
  • 200 mg. every other day of Trenbolone Propionate (Week’s 11-16)
  • 50 mg. every other day of Testosterone Propionate (Week’s 13-16)

Dbol Results: Expected Gains

Those taking of Metandienone can expect to achieve:

  • Quicker recovery times.
  • An absolutely incredible jump in strength.
  • Fast & noticeable increases in muscle mass.
  • Improved endurance and stamina.

Dbol Post Cycle Therapy:

One of the complexities that arise from using Dianabol is suppressed endogenous production of male sex hormones in the body.

Therefore post cycle therapy (PCT) treatment after every cycle that includes Dianabol, is important. The aim of PCT is to boost the body’s natural production of testosterone.

The most common PCT protocol for Dbol is a combination of Clomid, HCG, and Nolvadex. Since Dbol is stacked alongside other steroids, the other compounds you’re taking need to factor into your PCT consideration as well. The PCT will often have more to do with those other compounds, than it will the Dbol itself.

Side Effects from Dianabol Cycle:

The primary side effects to look out for when taking Dianabol include:

Water Retention

Dianabol has the potential to cause water retention in the body. Increased water retention means increased water weight, which of course is not desirable.

Suppression of Natural Testosterone

Scientific research shows that a cycle of 15mg. per day of Dianabol can reduce natural production of male sex hormones up to 70%.


Dianabol can also cause imbalances in the male and female sex hormones in the body. More specifically, it may lead to increased estrogen levels, which may in turn trigger gynecomastia (i.e. growth of breast tissues in men).

Liver Damage (in High Doses)

Due to its nature as an oral steroid, Dianabol can damage the liver when used in high dosages, or for extended periods longer than 6 weeks.

High Blood Pressure

Scientific research also shows that steroids like Dianabol can increase blood pressure. One potential cause for the higher blood pressure is increased water retention.


Dianabol can also have the effect of increasing the levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body while reducing good cholesterol levels (HDL).

Frequently Asked Questions about Dianabol:

Can women use Dianabol?

Dianabol is not advisable for women due to the risk of masculinization (deepening of the voice and growth of body hair).

Can you drink alcohol when using Dianabol?

As an oral steroid, Dianabol has high liver toxicity. Therefore, taking alcohol while on a Dianabol cycle is not advisable as it increases the risk of liver damage.

Can you inject Dianabol?

Although Dianabol is an oral drug, some injectable forms of Dianabol do exist, though primarily for veterinary use.

When is the best time to take Dianabol?

The best time to take Dianabol is in the first weeks of a muscle building cycle. Athletes who experience muscle growth stagnancy in mid-cycles can also use Dianabol to break the plateau.

Can I take Dbol on its own?

It is possible to use Dianabol on its own, but its MUCH better to combine it with 1-3 other steroids. Most of the time if its ever taken on its own its only done so at the beginner of a steroid cycle, since its so fast acting and results can be seen faster than slow chain esters. The most important thing is to limit the use of Methandienone to a maximum of 6-8 weeks.

Does Dianabol make you lose weight?

No, Dianbol will not trigger weight loss unless one is not consuming enough calories and proteins.

Is Dianabol illegal?

Dianbol is a Schedule III controlled substance in the United States and legally requires a prescription. However, it is widely available among suppliers of steroid medication.

What’s the best Test/Dbol cycle?

The best is a 10-week cycle of Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate that contains 35mg of Dianabol per day for Week 1-8 and 500mg per week of Test E for Week 1-10.

The PCT would then start after two weeks and would include 20mg per day of Nolvadex for Week 1 and 2 followed by 10mg per day of Nolva for Week 3 and 4. The PCT would also include 50mg of Clomid for 20 days. The Clomid regimen should end 1 week before the end of Nolvadex regimen.

A cycle containing Deca and Dianabol would be as follows:

  • 250-300mg of Deca per week for week 1-12
  • 300mg of Test E for week 1-12
  • 30mg per day of Dianbol for Week 1-8
  • 0.5mg of Arimidex twice every week

Does Dianabol cause hair loss?

Although the risk is low, it is still possible for Dianabol to cause head hair loss.


Dianbol is an effective steroid with fast and impressive gains, especially when paired with other steroids. However, Dianabol cycles should stay within the 6-8 week limit.

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    • Increases energy & strength.
    • Aids in fast recovery & higher endurance.
    • Enhances workout performance & fast muscle growth.


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-Mad Max

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