how much Arimidex for gyno prevention

How much Arimidex for gyno prevention? This is the question many men want to know before deciding on a PCT protocol.

Armidex is a drug that’s been around for many years now and its typically used to treat breast cancer.

Arimidex also has other uses as well however. In this article, you’ll learn how Arimidex works as a PCT (post cycle therapy) and how you can use it in your bodybuilding cycles. Whether you compete or not is irrelevant, if you need a PCT then Armidex is a very popular choice. Here we’ll discuss why.

What is Arimidex (Anastrozole)?

Anastrozole is the generic name for Arimidex. Other brand names exist, however by far the most common is Arimidex. Its the Arimidex brand, that has gained notoriety in bodybuilding circles, and is the version used for post cycle therapy.

Arimidex is a drug that falls under the category of Aromatase Inhibitors, and it regulates how much estrogen can be produced in your body. For women, it also slows down how fast their estrogen levels rise after their ovulation cycle.

Anastrozole is an anti-estrogen AI drug that was originally formulated as a medication for breast cancer in post-menopausal women.

Although breast cancer was what it was designed for, there are other ways people use it.

Arimidex works by blocking the aromatase enzyme, and in doing so it lowers the amount of estogen the body is able to circulate head-on.

This interupts estrogen’s realtionship with cancer cells. When it comes to bodybuilding, elevated estrogen is public enemy #1, so Arimidex works well towards minimizing these levels on steroid cycles (or after them).

Its widely regarded as one of the very best Aromatase Inhibitors, for combating water retention, high blood pressure, and gynocemastia. Of course, not all steroids aromatize, but the most commonly used ones do (Testosterone, DBol, Nandrolone, to name a few), or at least bring about estrogenic effects. The net result is that steroid users of all levels, should always be making their PCT a priority.

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how much Arimidex for Gyno & Estrogen Control On-Cycle

How much Arimidex for gyno? Undoubtedly one of the most common question asked by anyone considering Arimidex.

If you’re going to use Arimidex as a means of controlling the estrogen in your system, then it’s best to take the drug while on “on-cycle.” Doing this will allow high levels of testosterone production, without it getting halted by how quickly higher amounts of aromatase converting androgens to estrogens.

It has simply been proven to be extremely effective at blocking the aromatase enzyme, which is what causes unwanted estrogenic side effects.

Arimidex is different than SERMS (Nolvadex, Clomid), which only selectively block estrogen receptors. Armidex prevents this process at its most fundamental level, and its this reason why its the preffered PCT choice of many bodybuilders (over SERMS). All in all, its considered to have a more powerful estrogen-regulating capability, when compared to SERMS.

Still, many other bodybuilders choose to combine Armidex with SERMS. We’ll touch more on that a bit later.

For those new to bodybuilding, the most important things to summarize here is that gynocemastia and water retention (which can also lead to high blood pressure), are considered the worst potential side effects of steroid cycles. These are broguht about when natural testosterone levels get suppressed. Armidex is taken in an effort to avoid these.

how much Arimidex for Gyno prevention?

So yes, Arimidex is a VERY popular option for those afraid of the dreaded gynecomastia.

It’s ability to reduce how much estrogen the body produces is critical. After all…the last thing a man wants is breast tissue growth.

How do you know when gyno is rearing its ugly head? The two main things to look out for are: swelling of your breast tissues, and tenderness. The more powerful the aromatazation effects are of the steroids you’re taking, the more you need to keep an eye out for the signs that gyno is forming… Always do your research into how powerful the compunds are that you’re taking.

This blog is designed to make this research easier for you.

Most men have reported that .5 mg. to 1 mgs. every 2 days is enough to prevent gynecomastia. Some men even get a little extreme and take 1mg. every day, though this is generally considered overkill.

Never, ever forget that Gynocemastia is something that, once it reaches a certain stage, is only curable by invasive surgery. The whole point of Arimidex (and post cycle therapy in general), is to prevent it from reaching this point.

Arimidex for Water Retention

Arimidex is also used to help reduce how much water your body retains. Water retention results from estrogen slowing down how quickly your kidneys function, thus leading to fluid retention. Arimidex does this by stopping the conversion of excess levels of testosterone into estrogen, which helps inhibit fluids.

Controlling water retention may not sound like a big deal, but its a crucial component to maintaining your health as a steroid user. Excess water retnetion can lead to high blood pressure, which increases your risk of a heart attack or strokes.

From a less serious standpoint, most bodybuilders also like knowing the weight they’ve gained is from muscle and not water.

Arimidex as a Post Cycle Therapy(PCT):

Arimidex has been shown to re-ignite natural testosterone production in men. This comes in handy when consdiering it for your PCT, because the primary aim of a PCT protocol is to do just this: stimulate the natural production of testosterone.

A lot of men feel they need more than only Arimidex alone, to re-stimulate testosterone in this way.

As stated, Arimidex is used during post cycle therapy to stop the body from producing more estrogen. Excess estrogen is a bridge that leads to Gynecomastia. Its impact on estrogen is so powerful in fact, that some men avoid using it altogether, due to its ability to drop their levels too low for proper functioning. Even men still need a certain level of estrogen in their bodies, so for some (depending on their tolerance to it), Arimidex is too powerful.

Letrozole also can have this effect (of lowering estrogen too much). Some men just don’t react as well to the same drugs as others do. For the men that fall in this category, alternatives like SERMS (Clomid, Nolvadex) might be better options for PCT.

These sometimes are also combined for max effect. Even combining them with hCG is not unheard of. Estrogen control is not the only thing many men try to avoid with their PCT protocols, other things include low testoserone and keeping the gains they’ve made while on cycle. Symptoms of low testoserone are not plesant to experience, and these two are often overlooked reasons for having a steller PCT regimine.

PCT is important in helping make sure you’re not starting all over again once steroids are out of your system (IE losing all your progress).

Arimidex Dosage:

Arimidex Dose For Anabolic Steroid Use

When taking Arimidex, the dosage will depend on how much testosterone you’re taking. Again, most have reported that .5 mg. to 1 mgs. every 2 days is enough to prevent Gyno. Some even get a little extreme and take 1 mg. every day, though this is generally considered overkill.

Often simply starting at a lower dose is the best way to test your body’s tolerance to the drug. Remember this is a pretty powerful AI, so low doses can often still give you the effect you’re looking for.

Female Arimidex Dosage

Arimidex has very strong estrogen suppressive effects, therefore its usually only prescribed to post-menopausal women as a breast cancer treatment to slow the growth of certain kinds of tumors. Even women with breast cancer, are often not prescribed it if they’re pre-menopausal.

Post–menopausal women taking it for the prevention of tumors, over a long period (sometimes up to 5 years even), can often experience side effects, though these kinds of effects are not common in shorter-term use of the drug. Those taking Arimideex for bodybuilding reasons, will always be on the short-term side of it.

Generally its NOT advised that female bodybuilders use Arimidex.

Arimidex Dosage for PCT & Increased Endogenous Testosterone Secretion

Arimidex is usually not the first choice that comes to mind when bodybuilders think of PCT.

SERMS like Clomid and Nolvadex, as well as HCG are more often chosen over something like Arimidex, simply because of the effect it has on testosterone production as a result of its highly suppressive estrogen component. Even though it also has a noted function towards triggering testosterone production, just the impact of how well its suppresses estrogen can actually adversely effect testosterone production.

Nevertheless, you may still prefer trying Arimidex over Clomid or Nolvadex. If so and you want to try it, then .5 mgs-1 mgs. a day is considered ideal for using Arimidex as a PCT.

Arimidex vs. Nolvadex for PCT:

Is not hepatotoxic.Well known for its exceptional ability to stimulate testosterone levels while blocking effects of estrogen.
Does not have the same side effects as Nolvadex (ex. hot flashes) because of how quickly & how long Arimidex blocks estrogen production.Can sometimes bring about positive effect on cholesterol.
Results in a more rapid post-cycle recovery.VERY powerful towards kickstarting your normal testosterone function again, thus helping you avoid low T symptoms, & enable you maintaining your gains made on cycle.
Blocks estrogen production for up to four weeks, whereas Nolvadex only reduces it.The #1 go-to PCT for directly combating breast tissue enlargement.
An Aromatase Inhibitor (AI).A SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator).

In recent years many bodybuilders have been choosing Arimidex over SERMS, due to their direct ability to block estrogen function Vs. SERMS, which only selectively block estrogen. The answer to how effective Arimidex is Vs. Nolvadex, is not always an easy to answer. Several factors impact which one will be the better choice for you.

Two of the most common factors being: A.) the strength of the anabolic steroids you’re taking, and B.) your body’s tolerance to each drug.

One noted advanatge to SERMS and Nolvadex is they do not negatively hurt your cholesterol levels (HDL). Arimidex has been known to lower HDL cholesterol (the good kind), which is already often a side effect of many steroids themselves. So many consider this to be a big negative.

Especially when considering that Nolvadex has even been shown to help your cholesterol. Men concerned over their cholesterol levels should keep this in mind when deciding between these two. Also keep in mind that for milder steroid cycles, its often not necessary to go with something as strong as Armidex, so SERMS are often paired with these milder cycles.

Of all the PCT compounds, Arimidex is usually the one taken DURING a cycle, more so than after.

Of course not unheard of to take it after as well (alongside 1-2 other PCT compounds), but generally its taken during the cycle to keep estrogen levels in check. Nolvadex is a much more common option for the POST-cycle therapy phase.

One reason for this, is Nolvadex’s excellent ability to stimulate natural testosterone production post-cycle.

While Arimidex has testoserone-stimulating properties, its not considered to be as effective as Nolvadex (for natural testoserone stimulation) simply due to how strong Armidex is at suppressing estrogen. As I mentioned, Arimidex can often suppress it to the point where its not adequete for proper functioning, which in turn makes the natural testosterone production fairly weak.

Nolvadex is unique in this regard, as even other SERMS don’t do this. They instead resemble an effect closer to what Arimidex has (on post-cycle testoserone production).

Arimidex pct Side Effects:

The most common side effects of Arimidex are: fatigue, hot flashes, nausea, and heaches. It’s also not uncommon for women to experience a drop in their sex drive or an enlarged clitoris after taking it, but these symptoms should go away with time.

The side effects of Arimidex aren’t as bad for men who are only taking it while on cycle (or after). Most of the negative effects come as a result of being on it for an extended period of time, which is the case with women who are prescribed it to fight breast cancer.

Its been reported Arimidex can cause a reduction of bone mineral content (BMC). A lowered BMC for someone who lifts weights, can mean more injuries. For men taking Arimidex only for steroids however, this effect can often be offset as there are a lot steroids that actually help bone mineral content, making it less of a concern.

Nevertheless, a little bone and/or joint pain can occur from it, which almost always goes away as soon as the drug intake is stopped.

The other most common negative side effect, is a lowering of good cholesterol (HDL). As mentioned earlier, this problem can be compounded by the fact that many steroids do this very same thing.

This effect subsides once your usage of Arimidex stops. However its still wise to consider eating a diet lower in saturated fats while taking Arimidex, as well as cholesterol-friendly foods (Omega-3 Fatty Acids).

Including cardio in workouts will also help to keep your levels optimal. If you historically have had high cholesterol, then you’re better off using a SERM as your ”on cycle” estrogen control as opposed to an AI like Arimidex.

The longer you’re on Arimidex, the higher the liklihood that you’ll start experiencing these effects.

arimidex faq:

is arimidex considered an estrogen blocker?

Your aromatase enzyme is effectively blocked when you take Arimidex. This enzyme is a crucial part of the biosynthesis process, and when its removed, your body’s estrogen production is stopped. SERMS, by contrast, SELECTIVELY blocks certain receptors.

While yes, they both are often considered estrogen blockers, Arimidex and other AI’s do this on a more systemic level than SERMS do (which again: affect only certain parts they’re aimed towards).

How much does Arimidex cost?

Arimidex cost can vary greatly according to the geographical area you’re in. Location is the largest determining factor. There are countries where pharmacutical drugs are subsidized, for example, and typically these places will be cheaper. In the United States, even with a prescription, these kinds of scripts can run into the thousands of dollars. One medication in a subsized country might cost as little as $20-25, where it could run upwards of $1,000 in the states.

Most steroid users get something like Arimidex on the black market, which is illegal (that’s why its called the ”black” market). This being said, always take caution when deciding to go this route. The only legal way to aquire compounds like Arimidex (without a prescription) is from research labs, and for research purposes only. SARMS being a common example of this.

Can Arimidex cause weight gain?

Weight gained while taking Arimidex is not thought to be related the drug. This is true not only with men taking it for estrogen control while on cycle, but also for women taking it to treat breast cancer treatment.

If you’re gaining weight while on Arimidex, there are other reasons its occuring.

does Arimidex cause hair loss?

Though its possible it can cause hair-thinning in women, Arimidex not known to directly cause hair loss in men.


No, in fact Arimidex is often even used to increase testosterone levels (while lowering estrogen), by doctors to treat lowered testosterone in aging men. Its used in place of hormone replacement therapy for this.

Clinical studies have even shown that in older men with mild cases of hypogonadism, Arimidex can increase the availiblity of serum testosterone. The resuts showed their Test levels reverted to their normal ranges.

will arimidex RAISE TESTOSERONE?

Yes, again its often prescribed by certain doctors to serve as a form of TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy).

It hasn’t yet been confirmed however, by clinical trials, that AI’s are truly empirically effective towards stimulating testosterone in men (with low levels).

In summary, Anastrole (Arimidex) can be effective at igniting testosterone production again in men, but not strong enough to fight very low testosterone levels. For this reason, its sometimes left out of PCT protocols.


Arimidex works very quickly. Once it hits, it has a half life of about 30-60 hours. Even with this, it can still take a little time for it to build up in your blood plasma (to peak level). Often this takes about 1 week.

Studies have noted an extremely noticeable drop in estrogen levels in women taking Arimidex, while taking 1 mg. a day. It was reported that even this caused a 70% drop inside of only 24 hours, and after 2 weeks, these levels dropped another 10% down to total of 80%. They remained this low up to about 6 days after their last dose.

Can arimidex cause liver damage?

Arimidex can cause inflammation, which can lead to people with existing liver issues to experience an increase in related liver condition. It should be noted this is mostly only seen in women who have taken it long term (to treat cancer, for example).

It should also be noted there IS medical information out there confirming that Anastrozole can result in a damaged liver, but this is the case with all oral steroids. If this is a concern to you, then be on the lookout for darkened urine or jaundice (yellowing of your skin). You can always have tests run by your doctor as well that tests the health function of your liver.

What is the best dosage of Arimidex?

The standard dose for Arimidex is about 0.5-1.00 mg. per day, but this varies depending on how often you work out and how your body reacts to it.


The best place to buy Arimidex is through a pharmacy. It should be noted though that this requires a prescription. I already mentioned the black market option above as well, though that is a personal choice one has to weight against the risks.

Beyond that, here is the best recommendation I can give:

Max’s Note: other than actual, real Arimidex, the absolute closest possible thing you can buy to it is a product called ”GCUT”.

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When it comes to directly blocking the aromatase enzyme responsible for converting testoserone to estrogen, there is nothing better than Anastrozole.

Arimidex is a suitable option for those seeking to avoid the side effects of Nolvadex. If you’re trying to recover from your cycle as quickly and easily as possible, then the Arimidex PCT may just be the better choice for you.

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-Mad Max

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