how to take t3 for weight loss

cytomel for weight loss

How to take t3 for weight loss, and everything else you need to know about Cytomel (T3).

Apart from anabolic steroids and selective androgen receptor modulators (SARMs), bodybuilders and other athletes also use a compound known as ”Cytomel” to enhance their bodies.

Unlike anabolic steroids or SARMs, which synthetically increase the levels of testosterone in the body, Cytomel is an actual synthetic version of a throid hormone nautrally produced by your body (known as ”triiodothyronine”).

Liothyronine Sodium, is the name of the synthetic version hormone, with Cytomel being the actual brand name. The syntheic version is very similar to the real hormone, but there are some key chemical differences that make the synthetic version more potent, as well as a high degree of oral absorption.

The rest of this article provides an overview of Cytomel, also known as ”T3”.

Max’s Note: I’m not advising that anyone use steroids. I would either pick between staying natural OR using steroids. There’s not really an in-between. Just realize it’s very hard to say no to them once you’ve experienced their benefits first hand.

What is T3 (Cytomel)?

Cytomel is the brand name of the prescription medication used to treat a thyroid hormone-deficiency condition called ”Hypothyroidism” in the body. This condition results in the patient’s thyroid gland not having the ability to produce enough thyroid hormone. This results in their body’s metabolism not being able to burn fat at a normal rate.

Since body’s metabolism is most controlled by the thyroid, this condition naturally leads to someone developing a slow metalbolism. This of course, results in quicker weight gain, which then results in all kinds of ensuing problems.

So since Cytomel directly attacks this issue, its not hard to see why bodybuilders or those looking to speed up their metabolism are drawn to it. A expedited loss of fat, is the natural result of faster metabolism.

It should still be kept in mind that when taking Cytomel, a strict diet and gym routine still need to be maintained. These will ensure that you get out of Cytomel, its intended effects.

T3 is simply a powerful tool you can add to faciliate a proper metabolism function. It won’t do the enitire job for you, it only acts as a tool that directly assists you in acheving a faster metabolism.

T3 can be purchased both on the black market, as well as legitimatley through pharmacies. To get it legally you’d need a doctor’s prescription. Its usually found in an oral, pill form, though its also possible to dose it via injection. The injectible version is far less common, and isn’t particulalry recommended.

Cytomel is not thought of as a ”performace-enhancing drug”, so if that’s what you’re looking for there are other drugs better suited to that specific goal.

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    • Noticeable strength & sharp muscle-definition
    • Improves vascularity, muscle hardness, & density
    • Shreds body fat fast without bloated look


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T3 Benefits (Cytomel Effects)

Cytomel’s primary aim and benefit, is its direct ability to positively influence your metabolism, synthetically acting as a thyroid hormone. The thyroid hormone cheif job is to manage and regulate the human body’s metabolism. It prevents the metabolism from remaining in a sub-optimal state.

The longer your metabolism goes on in this sub-optimal state, the longer you’re generally have isssues with fast weight gain, and weight loss.

This often leads to chain reaction where someone can find themselves entering into obestiy. Cytomel jumps in and corrects these metabolic issues, preventing things from ever sinking to this point.

Fat Loss

Using Cytomel will increase the synthetic thyroid hormone in your body, and subsequently: increase the rate of your metabolism.

Ultimately, T3 has the main effect of improving the body’s ability to burn and drop fat.

Anyone interested in taking Cytomel, is probably only interested in it for this reason. Unless you legitimatley have medical ”Hypothyroidism” condition, there’s really no other purpose it serves.

Cytomel mimics the natural thyoroid hormone, and in doing so increase the speed at which the metabolism functions. Those taking Cytomel should not soley rely on this process to do all the work. This is worth repeating, because this is also the case with just about any steroid discussed on this website. a proper diet, and training regimine are both needed to get the full benefits of Cytomel. A caloric deficit, for example, as well as a dedicated gym schedule, will burn fat of course, T3 will simply compound on top of this and get you to your goals MUCH faster.

One major thing to be aware of with T3, is that due to the sharp increase in energy your body will now be expending (to account for faster metabolism), it often will cut into your muscles as an energy source. Just like it will use the fat cells for energy, so too will it use your muscles. Often users of Cytomel will attest to this by admitting they also lost lean muscle

This is yet another reason to add an additional anabolic compound to your stack. Doing so will serve as an insurance policy, so to speak, against unwanted muscle loss. For athletes or those bodybuilding, its of great importance to make sure you aren’t jeapordizing this lean muscle tissue.

Cytomel (T3) Dosage

When using Cytomel medically, the standard accepted daily dosage is 25 mcg. For lifters, this dosage is enough to enhance energy levels and ultimately: your performance. In other words, a higher than medically prescribed dose is not necessary, even IF you aren’t taking it for hypothyroidism.

The 25 mcg dose will more often than not, give you what you’re looking for.


Outside of treating hypothyroidism, people of course use Cytomel specifically for the purpose of accelerating fat loss. While its a good idea to start your standard dosage out at 25 mcg., more advanced weightlifters may up this dosage to between 50 mcg and 75 mcg per day.

The most advanced muscle-builders can even increase the dosage to 100 mcg, albeit with more risks.

Those who have taken Cytomel most commonly dose it 1 of 2 ways: either by taking even, level doses each week for the duration of the 6-12 week cycle, OR they go with a pyramid style structure of gradually increasing it, then decreasing it over the span of those same 6-12 weeks.

Female Cytomel (T3) Dosage

For female athletes, a dosage of 25 mcg to 75 mcg (maximum) per day is enough to bring about visible results. It’s not advisable for female bodybuilders to surpass a dosage of 75 mcg per day.

Proper Cytomel (T3) Timing & Administration

Generally, it’s not advisable to use T3 for more than 10 consecutive weeks. In fact, most cycles ranging between 6 and 8 weeks are often enough to produce stark before and after differences.

Although some lifters use the medication for up to 12 weeks, this puts the body at risk of being dependent on the medication for thyroid hormone production. This is not something you want occuring…

Some also recommend reducing the weekly dosage of T3, to 25 mcg by at least the last week of the cycle.

Typical cytomel Cycles:

Typically athletes using T3 should start off with a lower weekly dosage, then up this to a (relatively) high dosage, and end back on a lower dosage. However, ending your cycle with lower dosages is not mandatory.

Structuring it this way will allow you to monitor your body’s tolerance to Liothyronine, and whether or not any side effects surface. By dropping the dose on the tail-end of the cycle, your body has the chance to to readjust itself back into the normal thyroid hormone functioning. You want this to happen so you don’t become reliant on the drug.

There are also examples of people who’ve taken Liothyronine at equal doses throughout their cycles, ending it switfly with their last cycle dose, and they’ve experienced no problems. You’ll have to weigh this decision yourself.

In your first cycle, I would lean more towards using the pyramid strategy, for the reasons just stated regarding assesing your tolerance to it. An example of daily dosages in a first cycle could look like this:

  • 25 mcg. (Week’s 1-2)
  • 37.5 to 75 mcg. (Week’s 3-7)
  • 25 mcg. (Week 8-10)

It is okay if you take the daily dosages in 1 single administration.

Those taking anabolic steroids at the same time as Cytomel, will see benefit the most from its effects. The steroids will help you retain any loss of muscle the Cytomel would otherwise induce. You’ll be able to burn fat, while holding onto your lean muscle tissue, instead of burning through both of them.

Once your T3 dose reaches about 50mcg., your metabolism is working so fast that it starts needing to use your muscles for additonal energy. This is where an anabolic steorid comes in. The streroid doesn’t need to be excessively powerful, to serve its purpose towards prevneting muscle loss. All that’s needed is something like Testosterone. If you want something more powerful, by all means go for it, but for serving this purpose alone its not necessary.

Here’s an example cycle:

  • 75mcg. of Cytomel (Week’s 1-8).

This cycle has you taking T3 for an 8 week period, and the steroids for a full 12 week period. Running the steroids for longer will enure no muscle loss. This cycle is more applicable to intermediate and advanced users of Cytomel, as it has you stacking multiple compounds. For those who are just beginners, go instead with the previously mentioned gradual increase/decrease dosing schedule.

t3 vs. alternatives

It should be stated here that, in general, the usage of Cytomel outside of it being medically prescribed by a Physican, is not advised. This is despite its many benefits.

The reason for this is that is was designed to treat the serious health condition hypothyroidism, which many of you will not have been diagnosed with. Taking Cytomel, when you have an otherwise normal-functioning thyroid, could result in development of real thyroid issues over the long-haul.

When you consider the fact that there are natural, safe, and legal substitutes to T3, its hard to justify taking these risks. Especially when something else exists that offers extremely similar results.

For an easily accessible alternative, not to mention one that’s also legal, I would highly encourage you to consider CCUT.

CCUT has been designed to mimic the effects of T3, with an emphasis placed on metabolism speed. Not only this, but CCUT has also been designed to help you with retaining lean muscle tissue (which as I’ve outlined, Cytomel does NOT help with).

Real Cytomel may do very well at burning through fat, but its just as good at at burning through your muscle gains. As I mentioned above, this means you are then forced to spend money on additonal steroids just to counteract this.

CCUT allows you to forgo having the purchase the additional steroids. CCUT also:

  • Helps you hold onto muscle gains
  • Greatly enhances, and speeds up weight loss

I’d say these are the main two, but this Cytomel alternative also has additonal benefits. CCUT will also greatly enhance your endurance, and energy, which lead to insanley effective lifting sessions.

CCUT has tons of positive reviews from men prasising its results which mimic the effects of Cytomel. You’ll acheive basically the same effects of T3 (as well as retain muscle), but avoid all its side effects, legality, and potential health risks.

CCUT is highly recommended.

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    • Noticeable strength & sharp muscle-definition
    • Improves vascularity, muscle hardness, & density
    • Shreds body fat fast without bloated look


Cytomel Results, What Should I Expect?

Cytomel taken with anabolic steroids will increase metabolism and fat loss, while at the same time eliminating your risk of losing muscle mass.

Nonetheless, the outcome of using T3 depends on the two contextual factors of diet and workout regime. Remember, Cytomel only makes it easier for your body to burn fat. It assists you with it (like most of the similar compounds), but it doesn’t just do all the work for you.

Therefore, it’s still crucial you exercise and also actively reduce calories, in order to maximize its effectiveness.

The more dialed in you have your diet, specifically your caloric intake, the faster and more effective you’ll shred fat with T3. You’ll need to be supplementing your lifting sessions with cardio, to get the maximum benefits from your metabolism’s new superpower. Your thyroid hromone will be receiving a consistent boost from the effects of the T3.

Keep in mind also, that how much fat you end up losing, will be linked to what your present physical state is. In other words, it will not have exactly the same effect from one person to the next, since each person is starting from a unique place. Rest assured however, if you follow the advice laid out here, and hold up your end of the bargain while taking it (diet, exercise), you will be VERY pleased with your new body.

Combining T3 with gear, will truly propel your results, to a point even beyond what you may have imagined. Your results will vary relative to which exact anabolic steroids you’re stacking it with, but you can generally expect:

  • Muscle presevation (avoidance of catabolism)
  • New muscle gains (assuming dedicated lifting sessions are maintained)
  • Shedding unwanted fat weight
  • A jump in strength, endurance, and stamina

Cytomel Side Effects:

The risk of experiencing reactions to Cytomel goes up with the size of the dose you’re taking.

Some reported negative side effects of using T3 can include:

  • Headaches
  • Reduced tolerance to heat
  • Increased sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Bowel movement changes
  • Sleeping problems
  • Fatigue and weakness
  • Higher body temperatures
  • Higher doses of Cytomel may lead to more serious complexities including:
  • Chest pains
  • Heart failure
  • Hyperthyroidism (excessive levels of thyroid hormones)

These last 3, are the more seriosu ones to watch out for, so defientley be careful and don’t take too much of this stuff. To avoid such effects, enure that your daily dosage of T3 should NEVER exceeds 125mcg.

So yes, much higher doses of T3 can result in dangerous effects. Those taking it in mild to moderate quantities need not worry though, since at these levels Cytomel is regarded as a safe drug. Just keep in mind that it was not intended for athletic enhancement reasons, so its real risks when taken at doses intended to serve that purpose, have not been studied.

Remember that Cytomel is replicating a hormone, and this said its impact will vary from one indivual to the next. These effects above are the ones most often cited, by those who’ve taken and have experience with the drug.

At higher doses, and when used for longer cycle durations, its also been associated with intense feelings of faitgueness. This results from the effect the drug has in reducing ATP, as this can cause sharp drops in energy, and decreased muscle performance.

Of course…this would spell bad news for competetive athletes and bodybuilders, so this is often serves as an yet another reason why many add an anabloic steroid or two to their cycles.

One effect mentioned above, is the reporting of a rise in body temperature. This results from your metabolism’s need for thermogenesis (body heat), while on this drug. The Cytomel might not even be functioning correctly, if this is not occuring by the way. This something you can monitor prior to starting your cycle, as well as on a daily basis during your cycle, and is often done so by those taking T3. I would encourage you to at least occasionally monitor this to ensure the drug is working properly.

You’ll also want to make sure your body temperature doesn’t increase too much either, and any temperature exceeding a 2 degree increase means you should seriously consider lowering the dose, or even halting your use of it entirely.


One of the big concerns of cycling T3, is whether or not it can cause your body to over-rely on externally-sourced thyroid hormones.

While there is a shortage of scientific studies investigating this issue, the existing evidence suggests this is only an issue for people with pre-existing thyroid deficiency problems. People taking it should consider not stopping Cytomel abruptly, and instead consider reducing the dose slowly and gradually.

Even then…there is no evidence to suggest using Cytomel can cause hypothyroidism in users who don’t have pre-existing thyroid deficiency problems.

Common FAQ Related to Cytomel (T3)

What is Cytomel T3 used for?

Medically, Cytomel treats the deficiency of natural thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism) in the body. Among weightlifters and other athletes, Cytomel is used to increase metabolism speed and boost fat loss.

How long does it take for t3 to work?

This varies from one person to another. People with hypothyroidism will usually see results after about 6 weeks.

Athletes using T3 to enhance their performance can reduce the time it takes to see results by working out and controlling their caloric intake.

What are the side effects of taking cytomel?

Side effects of T3 vary based on dosage, cycle length and individual characteristics. Higher doses and longer cycles come with an increased risk of serious complexities like heart failure and overdependence on synthetic T3.

Less severe side effects of using T3 include: headaches, sleeping problems, anxiety, and sweating, among others.

Does cytomel help you lose weight?

T3 has the effect of increasing the body’s metabolism rate which in turn boosts the body’s ability to burn fat. When combined with a healthy diet and regular exercises, T3 will vastly increase the likelihood of successfully shedding weight.

does t3 give you more energy?

Scientific evidence suggests that Cytomel can increase the energy levels of people suffering from natural thyroid hormone deficiency.

However, there is techincally no evidence suggesting T3 can increase the energy levels of people with healthy natural thyroid production.

Can t3 be taken at night?

Medically, it is advisable to take Cytomel in the morning, and around the same time every day. Nonetheless, timing is not very critical when taking Cytomel so it is possible to take it at night.

Why do bodybuilders use t3?

Competetive bodybuilders use Cytomel to boost their metabolism rates and subsequently, burn body fat more effectively. As your metabolism speed increases, the rising body heat (thermogenesis) process occurs. The result of this is that proteins, carbs, and fats get used and converted over to energy much quicker.


It must be stated one last time that Cytomel does not directly lead to weight loss. Using Cytomel simply boosts your metabolisms rate, which in turn improves your body’s ability to burn fat. Its most effective when combined with a calorically-restricted diet, and consistent workouts.

T3 provides you with more thyroid hormone, which then irectly translates into a more efficiently-working metabolism. Increasing the level of thyroid hormone in your body, means your metabolism functions at peak levels, which in turn means you more effectively use sources of energy. When this happens, you lose weight and fat easier. Remember, Cytomel use should not exceed 10 weeks.

There’s no denying that Cytomel can work wonders towards kickstarting your metabolism, leading to you having a quicker path to fat loss. Always keep in mind however: that its a medically-prescribed medication that wasn’t designed for performance enhancement. Using it for reasons outside of its medical intention, can result in potential risks to your health.

Perfomance-enhancement use of T3, is something most people aren’t willing to risk. Add to this the fact that using Cytomel for this reason, will also likely call for the need to add a steroid (or two) to avoid muscle-loss, and its not hard to see why this is. No serious lifter, even non-competetive ones, want to take something that will eat into their muscle gains.

All this said, I highly encourage you once again to consider CCUT instead. It covers all the basis, is high quality, and is an extremely reliable alternative to t3 (Cytomel).

I cannot recommend it enough.

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    • Noticeable strength & sharp muscle-definition
    • Improves vascularity, muscle hardness, & density
    • Shreds body fat fast without bloated look


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-Mad Max

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