npp cycle: What You need to know

npp cycle pros and cons overview

NPP cycle, short for ”Nandrolone Phenylpropionate” is a steroid that’s been used in bodybuilding for many years. NPP was originally created to treat breast cancer and anemia, but it eventually found its way into bodybuilder cycles.

NPP is commonly combined with other substances like Dianabol or Testosterone Propionate, to provide more muscle mass and stamina during training sessions.

Some of its benefits include: increased strength, decreased fat cells around the waistline, and faster muscle recovery after workouts.

NPP is very powerful anabolically, but compared to other steroids, its weaker androgenically. This makes it a very popular choice for bodbuilders wishing to avoid the typical estrogenic effects (that most steroids bring).

However, NPP does not come without some side effects or risks, which will be discussed in this article.

Should you take NPP? Read on and ‘ll help you make the most informed decision here.

Max’s Note: I’m not advising that anyone use steroids. I would either pick between staying natural OR using steroids. There’s not really an in-between. Just realize it’s very hard to say no to them once you’ve experienced their benefits first hand.

What is Nandrolone Phenylpropionate (NPP)?

NPP is a designer steroid that has Nandrolone attached to its Phenylpropionate ester.

The Nandrolone hormone was first created in 1958, so it’s been around for a while, however NPP itself first appeared on the black market in the 1980s, making it fairly new compared to most other steroids.

NPP is commonly used as an off-season bulking compound for bodybuilders. An NPP dosage can be anywhere from 100 mg. per week to 400 mg. every two days depending on your tolerance or goals.

The most widley known version of this kind of steroid, is ”Deca-Durabolin” (Nandrolone Decanoate). NPP was at one point also referred to as Durabolin, however nowadays this name is no longer used to describe NPP, due to avoid confusion.

Even though the Nandrolone hormone is identical in both versions, there are still critical differences between the two, which I’ll discuss later in the article.

The biggest difference is the ester, and each ester affects the body differently, mainly in terms of the half-life. The half-life of any steroid, ultimatley, impacts how long it stays in your bloostream (which in turn impacts how often you need to dose the steroid…)

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    • EXPLOSIVE strength & power.
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NPP cycle Benefits (Effects)

Nandrolone has long been regarded as having several positive effects as well as benefits when it comes to performance enhancement. Its also been known to even provide therapuetic effects. These qualities help make NPP a versatile steroid that can serve several different goals (and ultimatley people).

Some of NPP’s benefits include:

· Strength: There have been reports of NPP increasing their strength, though this is usually not what its most known for. Typically, when NPP is stacked with other steroids, those steroids are often what are contributing to to stength gains. Again however, some have claimed that NPP impacted them in this area.

· Mass Building: One of NPP best qualites is its mass building, so much so that a lot of bodybuilders include it in every bulking cycle they do. NPP helps you pack on slabs of muscle at a consistent pace. The key part here is that they’re consistent gains, not necessarily fast ones. The mass you gain will be both high in quantity, as well as quality.

· Lean-Muscle Retention: This particular drug has an incredible metabolic component to it. It can gtreatly enhance your ability to preserve your lean muscle gains (after your cycles end). Or even when ON cycle (ex. a cutting cycle), NPP works wonders by preserving lean muscle mass when cutting fat. Its fast metabolic component is what lends itself to this.

Though bulking cycles are more common with NPP than cutting cycles, one who understands the compound well can take advantage of its versatility.

  • Faster Recovery: Many consider the best quality of NPP to be its benefits to the joints, which significantly aids in shortening your recovery time. If you’re taking NPP, it wont take long for you to realize you need less time in between workouts, and are even less sore.

NPP Dosage & Cycle Length

NPP is typically injected every other day (3X per week). Nandrolone Phenylpropionate doses vary depending on the purpose of its use, the type of NPP cycle, experience level, and goals you have.

For beginners, I often encourage lower doses than more experienced users. This helps the new user to asses and learn how NPP reacts to their body, before increasing the dose too much.

NPP can be used soley for therapuetic reasons. If this is your intent, then men will dose it between 100-200 mg./week. This often provides significant improvement to jointsm and better recovery.

Those using NPP for the purpose of bodybuilding, should consider up to 400 mg./week. This is the most common dose, when using it for this reason. Its high enough that you’ll get results, but low enough that side effects shouldn’t be a problem.

If side effects aren’t a concern, then by all means, up this to higher than 400 mg, however for most men this has typically considered the ideal spot (for optimum results).

NPP doses should be separated into 3 equal injections per week. This spacing will ensure its blood concentration levels are optimized for you.

It should be stated that NPP is NOT a short-acting drug, so ensure your cycle is long enough that you allow it time to settle-in, in your body. For maximum results, typically 12 weeks is advised.

Women can use NPP, but must be aware that 50 mgs. per week (for 6 weeks) should not be exceeded to avoid virilization.


It should be stated here that, in general, the usage of NPP outside of it being medically prescribed by a Physican, is not advised. This is despite its many benefits.

NPP vs. Deca-Durabolin

While NPP does have side effects, NPP carries fewer risks than Deca-Durabolin does. Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) comes highly recommended by bodybuilders who use it for bulking reasons, as well as muscle-building.

NPP on the other hand, is a popular steroid compound used by bodybuilders of all levels to reach their specific goals. NPP, like Testosterone Cypionate and other AAS compounds, can produce impressive results when combined with the right diet and exercise program.

I mentioned above that Deca-Durabolin is also a Nandrolone steroid. NPP is also Nandrolone, however it has a different ester. NPP’s ester is Phenylproionate, but Deca-Durabolin has the (brand name) Nandrolone Decanoate. Click right here to read my article on Deca-Durabolin.

How the ester connects itself to this Nandrolone hormone, is what impacts how the hormone is released, once inside your body. The ester determines the speed (rate) at which its haf-life is felt in the user.

Once you understand the various esters, and how they operate, you’re able to plan your stacks better, like combining steroids with the same esters, for example. Doing it this way, also helps you map out your PCT protocols after your cycles. Sometimes, you can even stack long and short esters for different reasons/goals.

Depending on what you’re wanting to acheive, picking one Nandrolone ester in favor of the other might make sense.

NPP was even once known as ”Durabolin”, yet another close comparison between these two. So you may still be wondering what the real difference is?

Obviously, both steoids offer the Nandrolone benefits, which are mainly therapuetic and joint relief, faster recovery, improved anabolic functioning, and lessened androgenicity effects (from the other steroids you may be taking). Of course consistent mass gains are a staple as well.

The largest difference, without question, is the half-life. Deca has a super long release of 6-9 days. It takes 1-2 days for it to pass through your body, which has to happen before its effects can be felt. It also takes at least a week to clear from your system.

The shorter the ester, the less injections are needed, however then a longer cycle is needed due to how much longer the effects take to activate and be felt. 4 months (16 weeks), is not uncommon for Deca-Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate) cycles with this slow-release ester.

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate, on the other hand, has MUCH faster-acting half-life of approx. 3 days. This means you need to dose/inject way more often to maintain its level in your blood. Typically, NPP is shot up 3X a week in an NPP cycle.

Again: same hormone (Nandrolone) but depends what your aim is. Do youh want a faster-release of the drug in your body? If so, go with NPP. OR do you want a slower-release, and therefore a longer cycle with less injections? If so, Deca Durabolin is the better choice.

What Are the Results of Using NPP?

NPP has a range of results that impact positive performance and outcomes for different kinds of competitors.
Your particular experience, will depend on how your body reacts to NPP, as well as your workouts on cycle, your eating plan, and how well you retain your gains.

Here are the main results and advantages you can expect to see when using NPP:

· Raise red blood cell count

· Boost protein synthesis

· Increased nitrogen retention

· Improved recovery

· Reduced stress hormones

Side Effects from a Cycle of npp:

Here are the main side effects to expect when using NPP for performance enhancement:

· Testosterone suppression

· Cholesterol

· Estrogenic effects

  • Androgenic effects

· Liver toxicity

NPP PCT protocol

Nandrolone Phenylpropionate post-cycle therapy often includes the use of Clomid and Nolvadex. This will keep your hormones in balance, which you’ll need after using NPP.

Such usage may cause side effects like gyno (gynecomastia), or hair loss so it’s important to take steps to avoid it. NPP is considered a mild steroid, but this by no means means you should neglect the PCT protocol after your NPP cycle.

Common faq Related to NPP:

Are Nandrolone & deca the same?

Nandrolone can be found in different esters, or forms. Always be aware of the chemical name of what you’re considering (not just the brand name). This will make your decision as informed as possible, and will avoid any potential confusion later.

What side effects result from Nandrolone?

· Testosterone suppression

· Good Cholesterol (HDL) reduction

· Estrogenic side effects (Gyno, water retention)

· Liver toxicity

can Nandrolone cause hair loss?

NPP can cause hair loss in some men, usually those already genetically susceptible, but this does not mean it will happen to everyone who uses it.

how is Nandrolone on your joints?

One of the best upsides of Nandrolone is in its healing and therapeutic effects on bones and cartilage-strengthening, resulting in soothing of joint pain. This compound is often sought after just for this reason.

will Nandrolone raise blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a result of uncontrolled water retention, which Nandrolone can contribute to. Use of an aromatase inhibitor will help prevent any potential issues with this.


NPP is a potent, and very versatile compound. It can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles, as it will produce great results in both instances. NPP also has low toxicity levels compared to other Nandrolone compounds such as Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate).

As mentioned it also has the incredible ability to assist with joint pain and aid in recovery.

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-Mad Max

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