Testosterone Suspension Review

Testosterone Suspension overview

Testosterone Suspension is THE most pure and most powerful form of testosterone in existence…

Test Suspension being a pure testosterone, means it has a very short half-life compared to the other forms of Test (only 2 hours), so it requires more frequent injections. This is one of the main reasons its not used as much.

The other reason, is Suspension is also a water based form of Test, not oil based, which means the injections can often be more painful.

So why even take Testosterone Suspension given these 2 downsides? Well…Test Suspension is very popular among more advanced users of steroids, because its water base means its MUCH more rapidly taken in (absorbed) by your muscles.

This equates to the user feeling and seeing the effects of it almost immediately, which can result in much more rapid results and progress in the gym.

Max’s Note: The article you are about to read, is based on my own personal experience, it does NOT promote any illegal use of anabolic steroids (Performance Enhancing Drugs).

Testosterone Suspension Benefits:

The water base, as well as its absence of an ester, again equates to Test Suspension’s effects being felt VERY quickly.

Most users who take this drug correctly (which I outline below), can expect visible results within even the very 1st week of the cycle. These results tend to reach their apex at around the 4 week mark, which of course is extremely fast.

The other most commonly attributed benefits include:

  • Fast gains in lean muscle mass
  • Fast gains in strength
  • Positive nitrogen balance
  • Faster recovery times
  • Accelerates protein synthesis
  • Gains will be visible in as little as 1 week, with max gains can be achieved in as little as a month.

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    • Improves energy levels & hormone balance.
    • Shown to increase libido & testosterone production.
    • Supports strength, lean muscle mass, & athletic performance.


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Testosterone Suspension Dosage:

Test Suspension doses, being that they’re water-based, means many will find them more painful. For this very reason, its often avoided by beginners and even intermediates.

A single dose of testosterone can be as high as 200 mg, and some advanced users even take more than one injection a day.

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Testosterone Suspension Dosage

As with most steroids, there are 3 different dosing recommendations: beginner (100 mg.), intermediate (50-100 mg.), and advanced (200 mg.).

Here are the most commonly advised dosing schedules for each level:

Beginner Testosterone Suspension Dosage

Beginners can start with doses of 100 mg., injected every other day, though daily doses would give you the best results. Still, many beginners still see good progress starting with this dosing frequency.

Intermediate Testosterone Suspension Dosage

50-100 mgs. per day of Testosterone Suspension, is what falls in the intermediate range.

This dosage may still be too high for some, while others will feel this range to be perfect. With stronger steroids like Suspension, much of this will just boil down to the individual’s initial reactions and preferences.

This dose range will want to be injected every day, or at the very least on the days that you train.

Advanced Testosterone Suspension Dosage

At 200 mg. of Testosterone Suspension per day, you are entering the advanced territory. Only men who know REALLY know steroids and proper injection techniques well, should ever consider more than 1 dose per day.

Testosterone Suspension Cycles:

Testosterone Suspension cycles are a popular choice for advanced steroid users. Due to the fast-acting nature of the steroid, shorter cycles are the norm. Another reason for the shorter cycles, is also the fact that more frequent injections are necessary.

With these 2 factors in mind, 4 weeks is usually the typical cycle length for Test Suspension, with only very advanced users going beyond this by a week or two.

Beginner cycle

Beginners can take Suspension all by itself, as its strong enough to not need to be stacked with another steroid. 50-100 mgs. taken every day, OR every other day, injected about an hour before lifting, will give you the best results.

This will yield you the fastest effects. Do take note of water-retention during this phase, while also getting used to the more frequent dosing (injection) schedule.

Intermediate Cycle

An intermediate Suspension cycle may last as long as 12 weeks. Intermediates can stack additional steroids such as Deca-Durabolin, Testosterone Enanthate, or Anavar. These three being the most common choices for pairing with Test Suspension.

The 3 Month (12 Week), Testosterone Suspenion/Deca/Test Enanthate Cycle

What you’ll need:

  • Test Suspension @ 3X10 ml bottles (100 mg./ml.)
  • Test Enanthate @ 3X10 ml bottles (250 mg./ml)
  • Deca-Durabolin @ 3X10 ml bottles (150 mg/ml)
  • Arimidex pills @ 84×0.5 mg., and
  • Clomid pills @ 20X50 mg.

Steroids should be injected for 12 wks., according to this schedule:

Week 1-6: Test Suspension @ 100 mg. per day (on lifting days), taken 1 hour prior to workout.

Week 1-12: Deca @ 300 mg. per week @ 150 mg./ on Mon. & Thurs., then Test Enanthate @ 500 mg. per week (split this dose @ 250 mg. on Mon. & Thurs.)

If you follow this cycle, you’ll experience a sharp jump in your results. Be sure during this cycle, to take 0.5 mg. a day of Arimidex.

Then, Post Cycle Therapy should begin 14 days after your final injection of Test Enanthate. Take Clomid for 10 days @ 100 mg. a day, then lower it to 50 mg. a day for the next 10 days.

Advanced Cycle

Advanced testosterone cycle is like intermediate ones, but also includes notibly higher doses of various types of injectable anabolic steroids- using a stack composed of:

  • Testosterone (Suspension) @ 100-200 mg./day for the duration of the cycle
  • +Trenbolone
  • +Dianabol @ 25 mg./day

This particular cycle is aimed at maximizing your gains.

OR…a more common advanced example of a Test Suspension stack, is:

  • Dianabol @ 25 mg./day
  • Winstrol @ 350 mg./week (cut & dry look)
  • Test Suspension @ 100-200 mg./day for the duration of the cycle


My purpose here is NOT to give medical advice, however I must say…that using something as strong as Testosterone Suspension, should not be undertaken unless/until you have YEARS of experience with steroids. This is my suggestion, ESPECIALLY when considering that these days, there are legal substitutes and safer alternatives.

Let me explain:

Testoserone Suspension, as I outlined above, brings unpleasant health risks and potential effects. Not to mention, the unpredictable nature of stronger steroids in general (like Suspension)…when you combine this with health risks (long-term), negative side effects…and its hard to justify the risk of using Test Suspension, in the 1st place.

For this reason, I strongly encourage you to at least consider the alternative below.

This alternative offers many of the same, exact benefits Suspension itself does, with none of the bad effects…whether those be long term or short.

All this said, the absolute BEST Testosterone Suspension substitute right now, is BRUTAL FORCE’S SBULK compound.

BRUTAL FORCE SBULK, is an incredibly strong, acuteley-potent substance that mimics all the BEST effects of Test Suspension, all while having you get around the bad effects. Its also competely 100% legal, everywhere on the planet.

These reasons here, summarize why I’m so quick to endorse SBULK. On top of these…the MAIN reason I’ve decided to endorse SBULK as the #1 Test Suspension substitute, is…

Its absolute impeccable ability to grow defined muscle, boost energy, increase strength, enance gym workouts, and cut down your recovery time.

Right now, BRUTAL FORCE SBULK is #1 alternative to Testosterone Suspension, and those serious about getting incredible results consistently, are using it. Again, when you also consider the fact that it avoids bad side effects…its just an absolute of a no-brainer.

SBULK is highly recommended.

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    • Improves energy levels & hormone balance.
    • Shown to increase libido & testosterone production.
    • Supports strength, lean muscle mass, & athletic performance.


Side Effects from Testosterone Suspension Cycles:

Testosterone Suspension cycles have various side effects that include:

  • Acne
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Oily skin and hair
  • Aggressiveness
  • Accelerated hair loss

You should be acutley aware that Test Suspension can still produce estrogenic effects. The higher the dose of Suspension you take, the higher the likihood is you’ll experience these. Not only that, but they can hit you faster than they would with the other forms of Test, because of how rapidly Suspension takes effect.

All the usual suspects: gynocemastia, increased blood pressure, and water-retention, are each potential estrogenic effects you may encounter.

Effects can also be Androgenic in nature: hair loss (for those pre-diposed to it), acne, and irritation at your injections site/s, due to the more frequent dosing.

Testosterone Undecanoate Cycle

Test Undeconoate has a long-chain ester, and typically takes 1-3 week to be fully released.

It comes in pill form, but also as injectible. The capsule form of it is not always easily accesible, and sometimes this is true even of the injectible version of it.

Testosterone Undecanoate carries the longest ester of all forms of Testoserone. Its most acclaimed results have been reported to include:

  • Nitrogen retention increase, as well as protein synthesis
  • Shred stubborn fat much easier and faster
  • Sharp jump in strength and muscle gains
  • Super long shelf-life, so fewer injection are needed

Potential side effects of Undecanoate are:

  • Water-retention and gynocemastia
  • Acne
  • Raised libido
  • Masculinization (deeper voice, hair growth), and
  • Hypertension

Believe it or not, Undeconaoate can actually be dosed as little as only once every 6 weeks @ 1,000 mg., due to its much longer shelf-life/rate of release.

A Testosterone Undecanoate cycle has also been known to an effective treatment for male hypogonadism, also known as Low T.

This is a disease that causes the body to stop producing testosterone naturally. It can lead to weight gain, depression, lack of motivation, erectile dysfunction, and more unpleasantries.

Testosterone Phenylpropionate Cycle

A Phenylpropionate cycle is a testosterone cycle that has a 1-3 week release time. Its a slow to mid-range acting ester. The drug detection time on this one is about 3 months.

A few benefits of Phenylpropionate are:

  • Endurance & energy increases
  • Increase in fat loss and muscle mass
  • It stacks well with other anabolic steroids

With Phenylpropionate, you’ll be injecting 2 to 3 times/week. This is the most widely-used schedule, and these doses will range anywhere from 300-3000 mg. per week.

Common FAQ Related to Testosterone Suspension:

There are some common questions related to Suspension.

What is Testosterone Suspension used for?

Suspension is used primarily by bodybuilders for strength and muscle growth. When using performance doses, it will yield incredible gains in mass, recovery times, and endurance.

What does Testosterone Suspension do?

Test Suspension acts in the same way that pure testosterone does. The only difference is Suspension is testosterone that’s suspended in water solution (ready for injection).

How do you inject Test suspension?

Usually into a large muscle like your thigh or buttocks. Bear in mind its regarded as the most painful type of testosterone to inject, and requires daily doses.

What are the side effects of Testosterone Suspension?

Testosterone Suspension has the potential to produce side effects such as:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Gynecomastia (male breast growth)
  • Polycythemia (high red blood cell count)
  • Water retention

You might notice these are all the same side effects of normal testosterone, with Suspension, they are simply a but harder to contain, die to the lightening-fast speed at which it takes effect.

How long does Testosterone Suspension stay in your system?

Testosterone Suspension, has a very short half-life. This is because it lacks an ester like other forms of testosterone do. This half-life is only 2-4 hours, so it enters your system very fast, and leaves relatively fast too. For it to be entirely flushed from your body, it takes about 1-3 days.

Can you take Testosterone Suspension orally?

Yes, but it will be more expensive than an injection. Suspension is not a testosterone designed for oral consumption. Though there are some oral forms of testosterone out there, most of them are liver-toxic. Injectable testosterone (including Suspension) does not pass through the liver, which is widely considered to be the major benefit of injecting.

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Suspension?

Most prescriptions for Suspension are written for horses or dogs. This said, most men who are serious about incorporating Test Suspension will have to get it from underground labs. As with all steroids purchased on the black market, you’ve got to be extremely careful about quality, and the potential for contamination.

I can say, beyond any and every shadow of any doubt…that Test Suspension gives you results. This said though, almost no one takes it seriously, as far as its long-term risks are concerned.

This is a shame, because the exact opposite is actually the proper approach to take.

Suspension carries with it an enormous list of possible side effects, even serious ones. These can of course have an effect on your happiness, and long term/short term health. Its not hard to see why many men have recently been looking for a legal, high quality subsutite for Test Suspension.

The #1 absolute BEST substitute for Test Suspension is BRUTAL FORCE SBULK. Its sold over the counter, legally, and is safe to use consistently for acheiving the exact same benefits of Suspension (all while avoiding the terrible side effects and health concerns).

SBULK has been battle-tested and proven to grow muscle definition, size, strength, and energy/gym performance. Not to mention shorten your recovery time. It actually does work.

Extremely recommended!

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    • Improves energy levels & hormone balance.
    • Shown to increase libido & testosterone production.
    • Supports strength, lean muscle mass, & athletic performance.


This article has provided you with a thorough overview of Testosterone Suspension including its benefits and side effects. I hope this information helps you make the most informed decision on whether or not to use it.

If you’re looking for a legal alternative, then one of the closest things there is the BrutalForce SBULK product. Its very hard to be disappointed from the typical results SBULK gives you, to be honest. Definitely worth a look:

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    • Improves energy levels & hormone balance.
    • Shown to increase libido & testosterone production.
    • Supports strength, lean muscle mass, & athletic performance.


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-Mad Max

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